Omah Lay’s Ex-Girlfriend Slams Tr0lls Telling Her To Take Him Back

Omah Lay ex-girlfriend slams tr0lls

Omah Lay’s ex-girlfriend slams tr0lls, the singer’s ex is calling out fans demanding that she goes back to her ex Omah Lay


Omah Lay’s ex-girlfriend slams tr0lls. Nigerian singer and performer Omah Lay revealed his relationship status sometime last year. And within a week lost his girlfriend after certain rumours came up about her. The singer has in one way or another made reference to his relationship.


In one of the viral videos he made, Omah Lay was seen asking the supposed ex why she left him. While emphasizing it’s her loss because he’s a catch and any girl will be lucky to have him. Since then, whenever Omah Lay acts out of character, fans assume it’s because he’s still not over his ex.


Speaking on the ex, she recently shared some of the DMs she gets from Omah Lay’s fans via IG stories. Asking her to go back to him and work out the relationship. Addressing the issue she wrote, “It’s been ages can you guys allow us move on please??? Be telling him these things why are you telling me… Joblessness at its peak”.


A couple of the DMs are seen telling the ex who goes by @bayraychee, that Omah lay still loves her. That she should give him second chance. She replied that he must really be gisting them stuffs because she didn’t know about it. She’s demanding they all leave her alone or rather go bother Oman Lay since they’re so concerned about him.

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