Omah Lay Seen Wearing A Bra While Performing

Omah Lay seen wearing a bra

Omah Lay seen wearing a bra, the ‘soso’ crooner wowed fans when he performed on stage wearing an exclusive clothing


Omah Lay was seen wearing a bra. The Nigerian singer and performer professionally known as Omah Lay has once again left fans speechless with his choice of clothes. The singer who has made quite a number of headlines in recent times has added another controversial topic to his name.


The talented Nigerian singer is known for his dexterous pen game, as seen in his songs does what he pleases. The singer whose recent behaviour is of concern to some people seems to be enjoying himself. Some of these concerns stem from him constantly talking about his ex who allegedly left him for no reason.


Adding to that, Omah Lay’s latest single ‘SoSo’ is one song people can’t get enough of. But the official video of the song sparked so much criticism because of how it was depicted. Some claimed it was too weird and that a lot was going on. Since then Omah Lay’s life has been under scrutiny.


The video circulating online has Omah Lay trending for performing in a bra to the cheer of the crowd beneath. Although some people have theories as to what is actually going on, others claim to have the full story. Which is that a fan threw the bra at him and he had to wear it to entertain the fan.


The sudden event turned the audience into a frenzy because they weren’t expecting him to wear the bra. Omah Lay obviously treated his audience to a good time.

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