Omah Lay Message To Ex-Lover

omah lay message to ex-girlfriend

Omah lay message to an ex-girlfriend, In a video, making rounds on the internet Omah Lay was heard addressing an alleged Ex-girlfriend


Omah lay sends a message to an ex-girlfriend. The Nigerian singer Stanley Omah Didia popularly known as Omah Lay is a songwriter, singer, and performer. He gained widespread recognition in 2020 after his single ‘Holiday’ went viral on social media. Omah Lay has since gone on to do bigger things and collaborated with both national and international artists.


Following the viral video that has got people talking online, the singer has raised concerns after his long hiatus. The release of his ‘SoSo’ single amplified the concerns about Omah Lay’s mental state of mind. He has now released a video calling a supposed girlfriend who left him and he demanded to know why?.


Omah Lay addressing his supposed ex said “What’s the F*cking reason why you lost me? Look…what’s the reason for losing me, look who you lost to the streets b! tch. Fresh @ss motherf3cker from marine base blah blah. it’s your loss, your loss. You lost me to the streets, look who you lost to the streets”.


Fans have reacted to the video, and below are some of their takes;

@OLAMIDE: “It seems Omah Lay is still heartbroken. The woman that broke his heart didn’t do well”

@Ayo, the first: “Just hope bro has people around him. This one don pass be careful”

@Prom Prom: “I promise you there’s nothing wrong with Omah Lay ,you people need to slow down on the depression talks abeg”

@OLAMIDE: “It’s crazy how some people think everything Omah Lay is doing is acting. Someone can be dying, heartbroken, sad or depressed and people would still take it for a joke then they’d start showing fake pity when things go south for the person. Celebrities are humans too”

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