“Nobody Made Me Famous” Singer Portable Reacts To Claims Poco Lee and Olamide Made Him Popular

Portable says 'nobody made me famous'

Portable is clearing the air about the claim that Olamide and Poco Lee played a part in making him famous

Portable says 'nobody made me famous'






















Portable says ‘nobody made me famous’; Nigerian singer and street artist Habeeb Okikiola popularly known as Portable or Zazu

is a one of Nigerians controversial and entertaining artist, who speaks his mind and says things as it is. The 28 years old singer has

revealed how got famous.


In a recent interview with @echoroom, the singer said if he sees anybody that would help him he will be happy, besides if not

that he has grace and that his fans bless him and show him love he won’t be where he is and the interviewer brought it up to

him that the story we know is that Poco Lee linked him to Olamide and that’s how we know he became famous.


Portable replies that nobody linked him, instead everyone was DM-ing him. He continued that he had already blown, according

to him people have started hearing about him so it wasn’t a case of after knowing Poco Lee and meeting Olamide that he rose

to limelight hence nobody him famous instead he has already been in the industry and known before meeting them.


The statement has sparked online reactions from different people, below are a few of them;

@nickiyke wrote: “Stuoid pride! But for Poco Lee and Olamide who know you before?! Shut up dia! God’s grace is the almighty

but God will still use man to bless man”

@callmechigo: “Being ungrateful will never take you far in life but gratitude will. You see the reason people don’t help people anymore”

@imoko_official: “This is not pride. I see a guy who wants to control his narrative. The industry wants to rubbish him but he standing his

ground ??. Tell your story or else, others will tell it for you”

@dancole_me: “Person wey the whole world know say him knee down dey cry for Olamide front thanking him for the platform given to him ???” 


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