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“No Woman Should Be Pressured Into Marriage” Chimamda Adichie

Multiple award winning author Chimamda Adichie, has said that no woman should be put under the pressure of getting married,

adding that every woman should be permitted to take their time in choosing who the man they would like to

spend the rest of their lives with.

“No Woman Should Be Pressured Into Marriage" Chimamda Adichie












She also buttressed that when young women who are expected to get married at a particular time had not done so,

it may simply be because they have not  chosen the man they wanted to be with.


Speaking on the 21st Annual Conference of the women in management, Business and Public service which was held at the Eko

Convention Center, Victoria Island Lagos.


During a question and answer session, she noted that it was wrong for older women to ‘Keep watch’ on the younger

women questioning them on when they would get married.



“I find that many young women here have this obsession about getting married. You’ll hear things like, ‘Is she married?’

‘When is she getting married?’ ‘Who is she getting married to?’I think it is disastrous for us to have this kind of obsession.

It puts young women under so much pressure.


“So, for the big aunties, please, don’t do it to young women. They too want to be happy. So, if they are not yet married, it just

means they haven’t found the right guy to be happy with, It is not as if being single is anything bad. They simply want to be happy.

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It is so much pressure “. She said.


Read full story below: 

Chimamanda Advice To Young Women



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