Nicki Minaj’s Neighbours Want Her Out Of Their Neighborhood

Nicki Minaj neighbours want her out

Nicki Minaj’s Neighbours want her out of the neighborhood in Hidden Hills with concerns partaining to her husband… Full details below


Nicki Minaj’s neighbours want her out. American rapper and multiple award winner popularly known as Nicki Minaj has been asked petitioned to leave her neighbourhood. Hidden Hills isn’t big enough for Nicki Minaj and her c0nvicted fel0n husband. At least that’s what some of Nicki’s neighbors think and they’ve made it known that they want the couple out immediately.


However, there’s a petition circulating online from residents. Who are worried about Nicki and her hubby, Kenneth Petty moving into the fancy neighborhood. And hundreds of people have signed on requesting the couple’s exit. The issue which is mostly focused on the fact that the rapper’s husband is a registered s*X 0ffender.


Who was convicted in New York for attempted r4pe back in 1995, which landed him in pr1son for more than 4 years. Meanwhile Nicki and Kenneth bought a house back in December. But according to residents the mere presence of Nicki and her husband would hurt home values and create safety concerns.


The petition which is titled, “SAY NO TO S+X OFFENDERS IN HIDDEN HILLS”, was filed after Nicki paid $19.5 million for the estate.

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