My Worse F£ar Has Happened To Me- Davido’s Babymama Throws Shade

My worse f£ar has happened to me

My worse f£ar has happened to me Davido’s Babymama Sophia Momodu throws shades at him


My worse f£ar has happened to me, Sophia Momodu reveals. Regardless of the ongoing banter involving Davido following his statement calling Burna Boy a new cat. The singer is yet under another backlash after his Babymama Sophia Momodu revealed her worse f£ar.


According to her, “my worse f£ar has happened to me. So I don’t think that anything scares me in life anymore. I never wanted to raise a child alone, and I’m doing it now. So what’s the f#*k that’s going happen to me again. What could possibly happen to me other than my worse f£ar happening to me. I’m living it so e no get anything wey anybody for do me”.


Adding to her statement, she added “Well I’m also scared of being a billionaire. But you know they say your worse f£ar happen to you, so I’m scared of being a billionaire. Boom but my worse fear has happened to me so I don’t f£ar nothing”.


However this isn’t the first hint the business woman has given concerning catering for her child alone. Initially, she accused Davido of neglecting their daughter and leaving her to play both mom and dad role. Since then the singer has neither acknowledged nor responded to her statement.


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