My Relationship With Groovy Was Genuine Until…- BBNaija Winner Opens Up About Her Relationship With Groovy

My relationship with Groovy was genuine until...

My relationship with Groovy was genuine until I discovered certain things, BBNaija winner Phyna reveals what ended her relationship with Groovy


My relationship with Groovy was genuine until… BBNaija season 7 winner popularly known as Phyna has finally disclosed the reason behind ending her relationship with fellow housemate Groovy. And BBNaija fans who has been rooting for their union has been left heartbroken since they went their separate ways.


Following an interview with @joyprimetv, the Level up season winner Phyna disclosed that while in the house. She heard some housemates say something about him wanting some other girl and that was when she decided to also play the game.


Speaking in the interview she said “Initially, originally getting into the relationship it was genuine for me. Till I found out that it wasn’t genuine for him so when I heard the whole Ps of he wanted some other girl. Though I liked him no cap, I liked him so much but when I found out the way it was going, I just had to be smart. I’m an Edo girl and don’t carry last”.


“So when I found out, this is a game and I’m somebody that when I need something I can bend so low. So I continued playing my game, but I knew what I was doing or let’s say I realized myself when I found out that he had other girls he liked. And I also heard my colleague advising him to stick with me cos I looked strong and when we go outside he can now go ahead with the other girl” she added.

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