My Dad Is Richer Than Your Dad- Naira Marley’s Daughter Tells Her Mates

My dad is richer than your dad

My dad is richer than your dad, singer Naira Marley’s daughter tells her mates


Nigerian singer and performer popularly known as Naira Marley had come under questioning about his parenting skills. After a viral video of his daughter telling her mates that her dad is richer than theirs.


In the trending video the little girl was heard saying “My dad is richer than any of your dad. So watch out cos my dad is richer than your dad. Don’t be too excited. I bet the first time your dad had £100 Pounds you were very excited. Don’t be too excited, my dad has more money”.

Watch the video below


Many people have come for the singer’s parenting skills judging from the little girl’s statement. Telling who cares to know that her dad has more money than theirs. And below are some of their takes.


@its_tegadominic: “Wrong on all levels…how did this get on here”

@maryann_officiall: “Smallie let the poor breathe, don’t suff0cate us pls”

@etimajonathan: “shey if I talk wetin dey my mind now, they’ll say she’s just a child? Shey you’ll not carry your rabb1t teeth and leave this place”

@i_amjossi777: “This is wrong on so many levels. Wtf! No shades to the child but this tells so much about her upbringing. Any child that talks carelessly is a replica of the parents”

@veronicasdaughter: “All of u acting surprised…how? She is the daughter of her father. So this behaviour is spot on. Congratulations”

@kellylucy04: “I don’t know about this… But this is how pride comes in and they start looking down on others… She’s a child yes but something must be corrected”

@wunmi_yofarelng: “Okay she needs reorientation cos this is not it”

@Somadina_serwaa: “where your papa money stop na there another person own start, make Una try train Una children well!!!”

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