My Blue Passport Is Worth More Than A Million Dollars – Davido Brags

My blue passport is worth more than a million dollars

My blue passport is worth more than a million dollars Davido, declares stating the many privileges he gets from it


Nigerian superstar singer and DMW boss Davido has opened up in a recent interview the perks of having an American passport. According to the unavailable hitmaker, having a blue passport is worth more than a million dollars. Because it gives him access to whenever and he can travel at anytime he wants.


Meanwhile speaking with @mworthofgame, the Nigerian singer shared his thoughts on being proud of your roots. Using himself as an example whenever he’s asked where he’s from, his answer is and will always be he’s Nigerian. Regardless of the fact that he was born in America, and attended school there.


In his words, “I know in America it’s where you’re born that’s where you’re from. Back home when they ask you where you’re from, we are taking about bl00d. We aren’t talking about your nationality, but just being born over here is because my parents had the means to bring me over here. So whenever your parents are from that’s where you’re from”.


“People thought I lived in Nigeria, it’s later on like 3 years, 4 years down the line that in my career that… It wasn’t like I was introduced like I was an American artist in Nigeria. I been in the street back home. The only thing is that I could fly anytime I wanted, go to America anytime I wanted. Till date I don’t care about how much money you got that blue passport is worth more than a Million Dollar I’m telling you”. He added.

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Davido also shared some privilege he enjoys for possessing a blue passport unlike some of his band members. Who find it difficult sometimes to enter some countries. Click to watch the full interview.

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