Most Nigerians Are Miserable – Ubifranklin Says In Defence For Being Bashed

most nigerians are miserable

Most Nigerians are miserable Music producer Ubi Franklin replies those who attack him for getting a tattoo of

Davido’s late son Ifeanyi.

most nigerians are miserable

































Most Nigerians are miserable; The music executive Ubi Franklin has been criticized for getting a tattoo of

Ifeanyi’s nickname “popsicle”. He revealed the tattoo in a post via his social media page moments after Davido

and Chioma’s tattoo video went viral. And since then he has received major backlash.


The music producer had a close relationship with Ifeanyi and was seen multiple times with the little boy

when he was alive, so his action could easily be considered a show of love than a cheap shot at attention.

Although not many people share the sentiment, some think he’s using the situation to chase clout and

nothing else.


According to the critics, they opined that he has no right to do that considering that he’s neither the child’s

father nor a direct family member. And the fact that he had to reveal the tattoo same time as Davido and

Chioma’s video was making rounds online and has attention written clearly on it.


Ubi replied to the backlash with a post via his Instagram story, where he stated that most Nigerians are

miserable and that’s where most of the frustration comes from since most people see the negative side

of everything instead of the positive.

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He wrote; “Most Nigerians are miserable so they rejoice in other people’s misery”

“Opinionated people: They have little awareness of how they’re coming off or how others are emotionally reacting

to them. Often they have the best of intentions to help whomever they’re speaking to and can’t understand why the

other person isn’t happy to hear what they have to say. Keep your opinions to yourself, I don’t care how anyone feels

about how I have decided to live my life. Just focus on and leave I and those that I have decided to love out”

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