Moment Ruger Ordered A Gambian Comedienne Out Of His Stage

Moment Ruger Ordered a Gambian Comedienne out of his stage

A recent video showed the moment Ruger Ordered a Gambian Comedienne out of his stage in Gambia


Moment Ruger Ordered a Gambian Comedienne out of his stage. Nigerian singer and performer popularly known as Ruger has made headline after the altercation between him and a Gambian Comedienne. Fans were shocked to see the Nigerian artist order the Gambian celebrity off his stage during a show.


What transpired between the duo was that the comedienne approached Ruger during his performance to say hello to get fans. While Ruger want having any of it and asked her to go down because this is his show and not hers.


Meanwhile the lady was seen insisting on taking the mic and addressing her fans before the singer called on security. To walk her out of his stage. However few days ago the Nigerian singer who visited a school for a show was referred to as small boy. By the VC who probably haven’t seen Ruger in person, and he expressed his shock by saying I though you were one big man.


Although the incident that transpired between Ruger and the Gambian Comedienne Tida, have been considered Rude. Some alleged that it’s all part of the show inorder to get people talking, while others think Ruger should have allowed her greet her fans. In as much as she doesn’t have the right to come on stage to harras the singer.


Watch full video here


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