Mohbad Almost Took His Life- Bella Shmurda Reveals

Mohbad almost commit suicide

Mohbad almost commit suicide; Bella Shmurda speaks out on how Mohbad almost ended it all due to everything going on in his

former record label

Mohbad almost commit suicide

































Mohbad almost commit suicide; Bella Shmurda is lending his voice for his friend and the former Marlian music signee

Mohbad in relation to what he went through with his label boss Naira Marley which almost led to him committing suicide.

Bella In a recent interview with popular host @Chudeity where he revealed that Mohbad has been going through some challenges

with everything that transpired with his former record label and its not looking good, considering the fact that he’s contemplating

suicide as an option. If he hadn’t arrived on time to see Mohbad by the window at the verge of jumping over or his girlfriend wasn’t

around, who knows what would be making headlines.


Bella Shmurda’s disclosed, “I don’t have to say this, but I will say this. At a point, Me and Mohbad were in an apartment

and Mohbad was like he wants to jump from the upstairs because of this label issue (with Marlian Records). We go hold

this boy for window, Mohbad don almost jump, na him girlfriend just enter room see Mohbad sit down for window, because

of all these things”


“You can’t keep going under and these people are just forming there’s nothing happening, something is happening something

wey fit make you think say you want take your own life. It’s going to the extreme. Now e go happen, you go dey write RIP and

we loved him. No. There’s no love there and none of them will speak up. They dey inside that place, none of them wan look anybody

eye. Me I no dey under anybody. If you face me, I face you. And then this boy dey go hospital for hypertension drugs because of these

same issues” Bella Shmurda said 


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Watch the full interview here

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