Kodak Black Misses Hearing for 2022 Oxycodone Arrest: Legal Complexities Unfold

Florida rapper Kodak Black has recently made headlines for reportedly missing his court hearing on Friday, August 12, concerning his 2022 drug-related arrest. The hearing, which aimed to address the nature of the pills discovered during his arrest, proceeded in his absence as his attorney stood before the judge on his behalf.

The Arrest and Allegations As Kodak Black Misses Hearing for 2022 Oxycodone Arrest

Kodak Black encountered legal issues on July 15, 2022, during a Fort Lauderdale traffic stop. He was found carrying 31 pills and $75,000 in cash. The pills, identified as oxycodone, led to assumptions of distribution due to their quantity, resulting in a trafficking charge.

Defense Attorney’s Arguments

Kodak Black Misses Hearing for 2022 Oxycodone Arrest, During the recent hearing, defense lawyer Bradford Cohen presented arguments to challenge the allegations against Kodak Black. Cohen pointed out that two of the pills seized from Kodak tested positive for acetaminophen, a common over-the-counter drug found in products like Tylenol. This raised questions about the nature of the pills and their potential misuse. Cohen further clarified that the remaining 29 pills were indeed prescription opioids, specifically oxycodone.

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Previous Prescription and Legal Context

It was revealed that Kodak Black possesses a legitimate prescription for the pills that were found on him during the 2022 arrest. Interestingly, he had a valid prescription for the same medication discovered a year prior in 2021. This information sheds light on the circumstances surrounding the case and could potentially impact the legal proceedings.

The Future Court Date for Kodak Black

This gives both the defense and prosecution time to prepare their arguments and evidence, as the case continues to unfold.


The situation surrounding Kodak Black’s 2022 oxycodone arrest remains complex and continues to capture attention. As the legal proceedings progress, the discrepancy in pill composition and Kodak Black’s legitimate prescription will likely play a pivotal role in determining the outcome of the case. With his next court appearance scheduled for October 27, the hip-hop community and fans of the artist will undoubtedly be following the developments closely.

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