Kanye West Served Sushi On A Nak£d Woman During His Birthday Party

Kanye West Served sushi on a nak£d woman during his birthday party

Kanye West Served Sushi on a nak£d woman during his birthday party which has gotten people talking


Kanye West Served sushi on a nak£d woman during his birthday party. American rapper Kanye West recently celebrated his 46th birthday with a never seen before activity. The rapper was in company of friends, his new wife and his daughter North who also witnessed the never seen before activity.


Kanye West during his birthday party, had a dish served on a woman and guests were allowed to serve themselves from her body. North was also seen partaking from the served dished. Find video below Cc:@Sabiradio


However, the event has gotten lots of attention and criticism from people as a result of the video involving his daughter. As they claim she’s to young to witness such adult activity and more appalled that her dad was willing to allow it happen. While others claim it’s a Japanese tradition and there’s nothing wrong with it.


Below are some of their comments

@Ola: “What exactly is this?? Where’s the fun Here? So tomorrow he gonn be preaching about Jësus Chrïst and moales…”

@_.adela: “But I thought he had a church? So what’s he teaching. If na Kim na he go dey shout say she dey expose the pikin. Hypocr1te’

@itschubby3: “See how men are quiet about this? But wanted to chop off Kim’s head for letting North have a TikTok account”

@chinny_005: “Tomorrow he will come out and start tweeting r#bbish about Kim being a bad mother”

@remiasher: “Exposing that child to a lot of n0nsense at that age”

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