Justin Bieber Has Reportedly Lost Millions On NFT Investment

Justin Bieber has reportedly lost Millions on NFT investment

Singer Justin Bieber has reportedly lost millions in NFT Investment and which has gotten lots of attention… Full details below


Justin Bieber has reportedly lost Millions on NFT investment. American singer and pop star Justin Bieber who became a global sensation at a young age after being discovered online. The singer however, started his career at the young age of 12, in 2007 after being discovered by record executive Scooter Braun.


Although Bieber as very famous among teens and was a global sensation. Justin was involved in multiple controversies and legal issues, which had a dr@stic impact on his public image. The Canadian born singer has multiple Grammy awards to his name and has achieved success early on.


Meanwhile the singer who has kept a low profile having being in the industry from a young age, got married to super model Hailey Baldwin. The couple have since been focusing on themselves and their family.

Justin Bieber has reportedly lost Millions on NFT investment
Justin Bieber loses Millions on NFT investment








However, Justin Bieber is currently making headlines for his investment fl0p. According to reports, the singer bought a bored Ape NFT for the sum of $1.3 Million (1 Billion in Naira). But today it’s worth a mere $59k (45 Million in Naira). Thereby losing Millions of dollars, fans have shared their takes and below are a few of them.


@_therealjuliet: “Of all the things wey him see to buy na “bored Ape” G0d abeg”

@stanalieke: “The NFT frenzy of 2020, 2021 & 2022 was w!ld. A lot of people lost huge some through it. So surprise that nobody is talking about NFT anymore. Won’t be surprised if in no distant time cryptocurrency hype fizzles out as well. Let’s watch and see!”

@Bandiejayf: “And by next bull run this same NFT you guys are m0cking could be worth $30 Million USD”

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