Judge Denies Adidas Request To Refreeze Kanye’s $75 Million

Judge denies Adidas request

According to reports judge denies Adidas request to refreeze Kanye’s $75 Million


American rapper and business mogul popularly known as Kanye West has made headlines once more after judge denies Adidas request. The rapper who lost his deal with the popular brand which dropped his billionaire status has reportedly gotten some win.


Since the incidence, Kanye has been low key and away from the press and media. The talented rapper is also remarried to his Yeezy architect whom according to ex-wife suspected something was going on. Between the two before the crash of their union.


Meanwhile, according court documents obtained by @billboard. A Manhattan Federal judge has denied a request by Adidas to re-freeze $75 Million of Kanye West Yeezy’s brand assets.


Although Adidas claimed that the Yeezy brand could be headed towards bankruptcy, arguing that their funds are at risk. However the judge Valerie Caproni said that the company hadn’t provided any evidence to support their claims beyond tabloid speculation.


Adding that Adidas hadn’t shown that it would suffer “irreparable harm” if the funds weren’t frozen. Meanwhile Adidas initially filled the case against Yeezy in November 2022. Week after the brand publicly terminated it’s contract with Kanye due to his anti-Semitic rants.

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