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Joeboy Reveals He Spent 50 Million On His Girlfriend

Joeboy spent 50 million on his girlfriend, he has set the bar so high for his gender as he reveals how much he spends on his girlfriend


Joeboy spent 50 million on his girlfriend. The singer is about to cause a major relationship check as he reveals he spends millions on his girlfriend. In a chat with @PulseNg, Joeboy reveals he likes to spoil his woman and will provide for her needs. He disclosed that in the past two years, he has spent over 50 million on his girlfriend.


The ‘Nobody’ crooner affirms that it’s no big deal for him as that’s what he likes to do. He has currently set the bar so high for relationships after his current revelation. He further stated that he likes to treat his woman to a good time and doesn’t hesitate to spoil her. After prodding on the amount he might have spent on her so far he revealed it’s over 50 million Naira.


Buttressing his point he said “You’re right. I love to spoil my woman. As for the money I’ve spent on her, let’s us say above 50 million Naira.” He revealed.


He also added that his partner is the person he has been posting about on his social media page.  Adding that although fans are curious to know who she is, he intends to keep it a secret. Joeboy’s revelation has been received by netizens with mixed feelings. While some doubt the credibility of his claims others wish for someone that would spend that much on them.

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