Nigerian Singer Jaywon, Robbed In a U.S Hotel

Jaywon robbed in U.S

Nigerian sensational singer and songwriter Jaywon, robbed in U.S thereby making the list of Nigerian celebrities who got robbed abroad

Jaywon robbed in U.S


















































Jaywon robbed in U.S; Nigerian singer Oluwajuwonlo lledare popularly known as Jaywon is a Nigerian songwriter, singer, producer

and actor; who won the Best new artist award in 2009. Following his departure from Kennis music record label, the singer found

Next world music label in 2013 and have been in the music industry since then.


The robbery incidents abroad is becoming alarming, as reported by many Nigerian celebrities and individuals who travel often.

Not long ago, TV host and fashionista Toke Makinwa reported her own experience in London where she lost all her valuables

and how traumatic the event was. Her main takeaway was being grateful for life and to note that nowhere is safe including developed

countries, being a widely known fact of the current insecurity in Nigeria.


Other celebrities also gave account of their experience as well, and singer Jaywon is currently speaking up about his own

experience in U.S.  And according to the singer Jaywon, he was robbed in the U.S at the @hiltonbaltimore @HiltonHotels. His luggage which

contains his valuables such as his laptop were all taken away.

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So Jaywon took to his verified Twitter account to tweet;

“Just got robbed @hiltonbaltimore @HiltonHotels Baltimore my luggage with my carry on bag including

valuables with my laptop in it all taken from my hotel room. Everything gone ?”  

Jaywon robbed in U.S















Jaywon’s tweet

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