Iyanya Describes Don Jazzy’s Personality

Iyanya describes Don Jazzy

Iyanya describes Don Jazzy adorably, The ‘one side’ hitmaker described Don Jazzy with words only a few know. Read more


Iyanya describes Don Jazzy in the most adorable way. Iyanya has given Mavin’s boss and record label owner Don Jazzy his flowers after all he has done for him recently. According to the  ‘one side’ hitmaker, Don Jazzy is a merry-go-round kinda guy, he always exudes happiness. And you can never be sad or unhappy around him.


Despite his happy nature, Iyanya’s stated that one thing Jazzy hates is being a proud person. Once you’re proud he won’t be able to stay around you. And once he sees you coming here he would literally find a way to leave that place. It’s just who he is, and when it’s time to work he will show up for it.


In Iyanya’s words, “I don’t know how to describe Jazzy, it’s impossible to hang with Jazzy and not be happy. He doesn’t like proud people, he can’t stand you if you’re proud. If you’re proud and you’re coming he’ll just stand up and go inside”


“He’s very playful but when it’s time to work he’s there. He treats everyone with the same level of respect and love, so there’s big love in Mavin. You can tell from the output, the energy they put out”.


When asked what prompted him to leave Mavin’s records, he stated that it was all part of the plan to push him forward and out of his comfort zone. While insisting it’s all love from both Don Jazzy and Mr Idris (of Temple )who came together and said let’s put out music from here. “So that was Jazzy’s love, Mr Idris’s love, that was all just love… We didn’t even sign anything”.


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