“I’ve Grace”- Portable Says After Being Released From Prison

Portable speaks on Grace

I’ve Grace Portable says after his arrest, the singer has been released from prison after his encounter with the police


I’ve Grace Portable says after his arrest. The Nigerian singer and street artist Portable has a lot to say after spending some time in police custody. Self-proclaimed IKA OF AFRICA trended some days back when he made a live video of police trying to arrest him. In the viral video, the singer was heard requesting an official permit of arrest which the officers didn’t produce.


Portable during the altercation kept saying he was a baboo from the zoo, and they can’t arrest him. The issue was said to be that someone called the police on Portable. And being that Portable knows the person to be a fr@udster he refused arrest. The police warned him about the consequences but he paid no mind.


After the incident, they issued him 72 hours to make an official appearance at the station, which he was obliged to do. He was kept in custody for some days and was later granted bail of 300,000 thousand Naira. The whole experience made Portable sober and after his release, he made a statement.


The singer said he has Grace because not many will go through what he has been through and make it. He was obviously excited to be free once more because Nigeria prison is no place to be. Fans have praised Portable for his bravery during the showdown with police as many would cower to intimidation.

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