“I Could Be Married And No One Will Know” – Singer Mr Eazi

“I Could Be Married And No One Will Know" - Singer Mr Eazi

The Nigerian sensational singer who goes by the name Me Eazi, reveals that he was engaged for  2 weeks

before announcing it on social media.

“I Could Be Married And No One Will Know" - Singer Mr Eazi






























He also went on to say he keeps his life so private that he could even be married and no one will know. Emphasizing how he

loves his privacy and choosing to keep certain things off social media.


Speaking with Susan Pwajok on the podcast ‘Surviving Lagos’ where he disclosed this fact and how challenging it is on

navigating the celebrity life and deciding which information is suitable to share with the public.


According to him, you can’t share everything because at the end of the day, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable.


Mr Eazi also shared that he has chosen to keep his family private and off social media since the celebrity lifestyle is toxic and he doesn’t

want people knowing too much about his personal life. He added that he could be married and no one will know cos he doesn’t wear a ring.


According to him,

“I was engaged for two weeks before the world knew I was engaged, so it’s like I could be married right now and you wouldn’t

know and maybe I’m just not wearing my ring. It’s just how I feel, is not everything that should be outside. I think I posted an

old picture of my parents out once for their 30. you know this celebrity life is not healthy and it’s not everything that should be out there.”


Mr Eazi’s fiancé is Temi Otedola, daughter to billionaire Femi Otedola.

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Watch the video here:

Mr Eazi On Getting Married and No one Will Know 


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