I Wasn’t Surprised Hushpuppi Got Arræsted, I Warned Him- Music Producer Soso Reveals

I was not surprised Hushpuppi got arræsted

I wasn’t surprised Hushpuppi got arræsted, Soso Soberekon reveals in a recent interview


I wasn’t surprised Hushpuppi got arræsted, Soso reveals. The music producer and talent manager Soso Soberekon has revealed in a recent interview with Sneezestudios that when he heard of the Hushpuppi’s arræst he wasn’t shocked. Reason being that he was one of the those people that warned him but he failed to listen.


However, he stated that “He’s a very good friend of mine, I won’t deny him cos he even looks up to me. I wasn’t surprised when he got arræsted because I warned him. I mentioned it to him like, that can happen to him. It’s possible to happen to him”.


Meanwhile, speaking further on the topic the music executive added that his advice for young people. Especially those on the fact lane is trying to get rich quick is to be patient. Because he finds out heartbreaking when he sees young people doing money r#tuals. And apart from fr@ud, I find it sad seeing so many young people going into crim£s to make quick money.


Sometimes even the attitude the young ones present aren’t even encouraging. But his advice is that everyone should just be patient with their own time and work hard. And not venture into any form of crim£ just to amass wealth of any kind.

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