I Was Introduced To Amapiano By Nigerians – Swae Lee Explains Following Backlash From South Africans

I was introduced to Amapiano by Nigerians, Swae Lee

I was introduced to Amapiano by Nigerians, Swae Lee explains the context of his tweet following backlash from South Africans…


The American rapper has come under heavy criti¢ism following his recent tweet, telling fans of his new song with Amapiano sound. Swae Lee was immediately called out for being informed about the origin of Amapiano. And he replied saying, “I was introduced to Amapiano by Nigerians”.


Many South African came hard on the singer for giving Nigeria credit for their sound. To which Swae Lee made a lengthy video to address. In the video, the rapper admitted to not knowing where the sound originated from. But added that he was introduced to it by Nigerians and he sees nothing wrong with it, since AFRICA is one heritage.


Meanwhile, he also pointed out some issues following the online debate. Swae Lee spoke on unity aa he noticed the division between both countries, asking for unity since we’re one Africa. Emphasizing that he loves everyone regardless of the country, and that we all need to work together.


In his words, “I just want to say that this tweet was not to start division between all of us. Like different types of Africans, I’m just saying that I was specifically introduced Amapiano by Nigerians. And I have Nigerian in me, so when I put the Nigerian flag I’m not taking away from anybody. Salute to the originators”.


“When people do hip hop music we don’t take that away from them, we don’t make it like a g@ng war. It’s not us versus them, them versus them, you know there no picking sides. It’s just like creating great music. Salute to the originators, but I was just saying that my style, I got Nigerian in me. That was all I was saying, I wasn’t trying to discredit anybody so it’s love” he added.

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