“I Was Happier Being Broke”- Akon Says

I was happier being broke

I was happier being broke Akon says, as he describes the happiness when he had nothing


I was happier being broke than rich Akon says. Alliaune Damala Badara Akin Thiam popularly known as Akon is a Senegalese-American singer and record producer. He gained popularity in 2004 after the release of his hit single ‘locked up’ followed by a second single ‘Lonely’.


The talented artist gave a Controversial take that has gotten different opinions from people all over the country. The singer was of the opinion that he was happier being poor than now that he has made money. In essence, saying that being rich comes with a lot of responsibilities.


He reminisced about when he was younger and he had little to worry about back then as compared to now. According to Akon “It’s my personal experience and nobody can sit here and tell me that I didn’t go through poverty. Like I was a young African kid, barefooted playing soccer with no electricity and no running water. I knew what that felt like, believe me, I knew what poverty looks like”.


“But I also know what success looks like and from my personal experience, I’m having more problems successfully. And all that comes with success, then I had when I was poor. I was actually happier when I was poor, but that was my personal experience”. 


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