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I Don’t Mind Cheating- Says Ric Hassani

Ric Hassani in an interview stated an unpopular opinion about his opinion on cheating while in a relationship

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I don’t mind cheating says Ric; The singer in a recent interview with @HotFmLagos was asked

to give his view on cheating while being in a committed relationship and he said something many

don’t agree with. His take was a controversial one that most people disagreed with following the generally

frowned-upon view of one cheating on their unsuspecting partners.


The ‘Thunder fire you’ singer is stuck to his words ‘I don’t mind cheating says Ric’ and

said he doesn’t mind cheating in a relationship, and if anyone feels like that’s what they want

to do fine because we all have one life to live which everyone should live to the fullest. However

they want to, and not be limited to a particular way of doing things. He added that if you’re his partner

and you feel that’s what you want to do, he’s cool with it.


He said; “I don’t really mind cheating, mehn I mean we have one life mehn and if you feel like

that’s what you want to do mehn that’s fine as long as we have a deeper connection. If you’re my

partner and you feel like someone else might be better than me mehn I go drive you go the guy house”.

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Later in the interview, he was asked to clear the air on his situation with colleague Waje, and if he was

cheating on her following his take on the matter. Ric had dropped some hints a while back about

them being a couple. And To set the record straight the singer was asked if that relationship with Waje

was real and he said ‘No’. He admitted that it was a stunt and that Waje is a very close friend of his, no

strings attached.


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