I Don’t Have A Degree Yet I Pay 100 People Salaries

I don't have a degree yet I pay 100 people

Davido’s manager speaking in an interview says- I don’t have a degree yet I pay 100 people salaries


I don’t have a degree yet I pay 100 people. Asika as he’s popularly known is a brand manager who has been in the industry for years and have worked with big artists and celebrities. He’s currently Davido’s manager and right hand man who organises his shows and behind the scenes transactions.


However, speaking on a recent interview the Asika revealed that although he didn’t go to school and have a degree. Then again he was almost discouraged from his passion because they didn’t believe in his dreams. But currently has businesses and a work force that opportunes him to pay over a hundred people salaries.


Meanwhile, In his words, “Everyones story is different, everyone’s part is different. People always feel like you have to go a certain way to get certain goals. Without being c0ndes¢ending or trying to sound like c0cky. But I have friends who have gone to school and have PhD now. Who work a 9 – 5 and are making peanuts”. 


“I’m like dude let’s say at that time when everyone was like oh go to uni stay in uni do this, do that. One of my companies pays like 45 people’s salaries a month, and that’s only one of the businesses I run. If I do the math I probably pay about 100 salaries a month and I have no degree”.

Below are a few comments following his revelations;

@d_kachukwu: “Dude is from a very wealthy and influential home. People from p00r home should not see this as a motivation”

@chyomsss: “Yes but you working under someone that has a degree”

@adelakuntufayi: “The way we id0lize money in this part of the world. Is why people wake up and unnecessarily spread the wrong narratives about education. If you think school is a sc@m, taste ign0rance then!”

@leaddyskincare: “Everyone’s story is different. Get an education. It gives you an edge over illiteracy. School is never a sc@m”

@chiamakalovelyn1: “Going to school is beyond making money. It shapes your life in a certain way and makes you ready for certain opportunities. It also shapes your mindset, the way you think and relate to people”

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