I Bought 2k Worth Of Gas And It Finished In A Month – Rapper Speed Darlington Laments

I bought 2k worth of gas and it finished in a month

I bought 2k worth of gas and it finished in a month rapper Speed Darlington laments how fast the gas he bought finished so quickly


I bought 2k worth of gas and it finished in a month. Nigerian rapper and self acclaimed Akpi has made headlines with his recent lamentations concerning the 2k gas he bought. According to the Speed Darlington, who lamented on why the gas he bought a month will finish fast so fast.


However, fans who found the rapper’s complain hilarious have taken to share their opinions. Speed who is currently in the country doing interviews said he deserves to be paid to be a celebrity cos it’s not easy being a celebrity. Adding that he doesn’t make music for p00r people, only for the rich. The controversial rapper is one to always air his thoughts and opinions proudly regardless of any backlash.


Meanwhile, in his video he said “ ya wa gas me o eh. Abeg I bought about two thousand Naira with of gas eh about a month ago, May 9th two Thousand Naira worth of gas. Oremi e don finish o that’s one month and three days. E don finish now now just one month and three days. But I’m a bachelor I don’t cook the greatest thing I cook is hot water. Hot water is the greatest thing I cook. How did it finish so fast”.


Here are some of the reactions following his complaints

@ada_la_pinky: “2k suppose last u like 6 months ooo Haaaaa take the seller to court nd collect your mandate”

@thefoodnetworknig2: “That’s not even up to one quarter of the cylinder… Presido wey no fit fill up gas cylinder, is that one a president! Keep bwess like who dey br£asyfeed. Akpi lemmie abeg”

@lizzyofblaze: “Was he expecting the gas to last for a year?”

@spunkysessentials: “Person wey dey make music for the rich no suppose complain naaaa”.


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Watch the funny video here

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