How To Know You’re Dating Your Problem- Music Executive Soso Soberekon

How to know you are dating your problem

How to know you’re dating your problem, Music producers disclosed the secret of problems in relationships


How to know you’re dating your problem. Nigerian music executive, producer and talent manager Soso Soberekon have given another eye-opening revelation. According to the producer, he highlighted a possible scenario that’s a clear sign to know if you’re dating your problem.


Despite his numerous pieces of advice, the music executive seems to have an unending well of advice to dish out. In his relationship advice series, he stated that a good way to know your boyfriend’s of your problems is to share your challenges with him and watch how he reacts.


According to him, “When you tell your boyfriend your problems and he says, “What Are You Going To Do”? Just know that you’re dating one of your problems.

How to know you're dating your problem

The essence of a relationship is to build each other and be there for one another. And if you’re faced with a problem. And you share it with your partner and all he has to say is “What are you going to do”.  Soberekon is saying you should refocus because that person is part of your problems.


Their statement has been met with lots of controversial takes. Because if your partner isn’t supporting you financially or morally when you have a problem. According to Soso Soberekon, you’re dating a problem.

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