How Safe Is Your Private Phone Conversation- Peter Okoye Ask Nigerians

How safe is your phone conversation

Peter Okoye is asking Nigerians how safe is your phone conversation, in a recent tweet following recent happenings post-election


How safe is your phone conversation? Nigeria singer and dancer and also half of the Psquare duo in light of recent happenings. Probes Nigerians about the privacy of their telephone conversation. The singer took to one of his social media accounts, Twitter to ask the most important questions in recent times.


According to the singer, “Dear Nigerians, How safe are your private telephone conversations? #JustSaying”


His statement sparked a lot of online reactions, which trigg3red many people after people’s rights were infringed upon. One individual speaking on the matter said “The coordinated propaganda by PDAPC against Peter Obi is a confirmation he won this election. They are afraid the court outcome will bring to an end the era of corruption. Obi mean well for Nigeria but agents of destruction want to hold the country captive. They will fail”.


Psquare was instrumental in the last elections with their contribution to educating the masses on the importance of voting right. Although much success wasn’t recorded they were recognised for their tenacity and spirit in pushing for better leadership.


Although most people are demanding that those who stole the people’s mandate return it to avoid extreme consequences. The singers closely follow the situation of things while showing support and solidarity with their chosen candidate. Who they believe was robbed of his wins.

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