How I Used 30BG To Deal With A Female Promoter- Davido Revealed

How I used 30BG to deal with a female promoter

How I used 30BG to deal with a female promoter, Davido revealed In a recent interview.


How I used 30BG to deal with a female promoter, Davido revealed. Fans react at Davido revealed how he dealt with a female promoter who claims she doesn’t know him. Speaking in the interview, the singer disclosed that there lady was acting a type of way and saying she doesn’t know him. Which he handled by calling his fan club to f**k her IG up and they went to her comments section to let her know.


And the next day, she’s getting like 50 thousand comments and she called him and was shocked. But that was one time and the other time, was when in Atlanta and the security was being extra. And telling everybody to get in line and he told him that he was doing too much.


Meanwhile the way he handle it was exactly like the last one. He called his fan club and the next day, the club hosted him, have him food and drinks. Following Davido’s revelation, many people called out his action as bull¥ing and using his fan base as an instrument to achieve his aim.


Stating that as artists, their aim shouldn’t be to exploit their fans who are they for support them. And for Davido to come out openly to admit exploiting his fan club is unacceptable by a lot of people. But the singer is yet to respond to the viral video making rounds online.


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