Davido’s Featured Song Surpasses 100 million Streams

Hayya Hayya surpasses 100 million streams

Hayya-Hayya surpasses 100 million streams, Davido’s feature song surmounts another milestone with over a hundred million Streams


Hayya-Hayya surpasses 100 million streams. David Adeleke popularly known as Davido or OBO has broken another record, having his song reach 136 million Streams on the video-sharing app YouTube. The song is also doing numbers on Sound cloud with over 2 million views.


Davido despite taking a break from social media hasn’t affected the support and love his fans have for him. He took a break away from social media to heal from the tragic loss that befell him and his fiancé (now wife) Chioma. Since then Davido has been on a low but promises to return in March.


The singer’s feature song HAYYA HAYYA (Better Together) was the official song for the world cup. Davido performed live alongside Aisha and Trinidad in Qatar. The surprising appearance Davido made with his wife Chioma had his fans going agog with excitement. And his performance on stage was nothing less than electrifying. The singer has been on the trend table despite being on and off the media, from giving a young fan the sum of one million in appreciation. He also made headlines when he got his logistic manager a brand-new car. Davido is known for his good heart and his good deeds don’t go unnoticed. The singer has been dearly missed by fans and all who love him, while his fans await new music others can’t wait to see the singer in his happy place.


The featured song is now currently above 136 million Streams on YouTube and still counting. Davido’s effect we suppose!!. We hope to see the bubbly singer back to his old self and be the happy David we all know him for. Our fingers are crossed while looking forward to his return this March as promised.

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