Guchi Is Bigger Than Odumodublvck – Fans Calls Out Disrespect As Headies Nominated Her In The Rookies Category

Guchi is bigger than Odumodublvck

Guchi is bigger than Odumodublvck, fans calls out disrespect as Headies Nominated her in the rookies category…


Many Nigerian fans are outraged after singer/ TikTok sensational personality Guchi was nominated in the Rookies Category. The Headies award has been called out following their nominee selections, according to some fans is disre$pectful. And Guchi is bigger than Odumodublvck.


Meanwhile, the singer who is popularly known as Guchi was placed in the Rookie of the year award category. But many Guchi supporters have laid their claims that the singer isn’t supposed to be place in that category. Stating that it’s child1sh and Guchi has grown past that level, following the back to back hit she drops.


However a few who lodged their complaints that Guchi has been carrying TikTok since 2021. And aside that, her music resonates to all ages, young and old. Below are a few takes from Netizens.


@Abba’s baby: “una dey disrespect @officialguchi… She should be in next rated category abeg make small children of last year and this year they fi&ht for Rookie. Guchi has carried TikTok since 2021 on her back pleaesssss”

@nelli szn: “Wetin Guchi still dey find for rookie of the year?”

@Nigeria’s Gadfly: “Guchi in rookie category? I can only costs this to when Tekno was nominated in the Next Rated instead of Artist of the year award. No be today Guchi don dey get hit na”

@obito Kenobi: “I’ve known Guchi for like 3 years now. How is she still a rookie?”

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