Fastest Afrobeat Songs To Hit 100 Million On Spotify

Fastest afrobeat songs to hit 100 million

Fastest afrobeat songs to hit 100 million, Spotify has continuously paved way for artists to share their crafts


Fastest Afrobeat songs to hit 100 million streams. Here’s a list of Afrobeats song that has the fastest reach to a hundred streams after their release. The music streaming platform is one of the biggest platforms which adds relevance to ratings.


According to @49thstreet only for artists hit the quickest mark to 100 million Streams after their song release. The top-tier artists are Burna Boy, Arya Starr, Rema and Wizkid. These artists had some that were the rave of the moment and making airwaves.


Burna Boy’s ‘last last’ was a global sensation and was nominated for a Grammy award. Garnered a total of 123 days before reaching a hundred million streams after its release.


While Arya Starr’s Rush, on the other hand, took a total of 186 days before hitting a hundred streams on Spotify. Rema’s ‘Calm Down’ is currently bagging a billion streams on Spotify. Took a total of 199 days before reaching 100 million streams after its release.


Last but not least Wizkid’s ‘Essence’ took a total of 460 days. Before hitting the benchmark of a 100 Million stream after its release.  These songs are phenomenal which not only gained national recognition but international as well.

Fastest afrobeat songs to hit 100 million

Afrobeat has indeed taken over and Nigerian artists are one of the most sorted artists in the international music scene.

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