Fans React To Omah Lay’s Soso Remix

Fans react to Omah Lay Soso remix

Following the news of a remix fans react as Omah Lay Set to drop a remix


Many fans have taken to social media to share their thought on the upcoming remix of Omah Lay’s

single Soso. The singer whose hot single was one of the trending songs after its release has a remix

with Mexican superstar Ozuna in the works. Watch the snippet below;

The highly anticipated remix is set to drop on Thursday, 18th May. And fans have shared their honest

opinion of the snippet, where Ozuna was seen singing his verse. Although many think the hit song

doesn’t need a remix since it’s great on its own. While others believe it’s a good business move on

Omah Lay’s part since Ozuna has a huge Mexican audience.


Below are some of the comments following the remix announcement;

@Samuel G: “Music is a business guys !! Artists need to make money and milk the opportunities as

much as we can!!! Whether or not the song Sweet Ozuna has billions of streams and will help propel

the song to the next level!! So if u don’t like it just enjoy the original one”

@PrincePR: “Are they trying to turn a supposed sad-depression song into a club banger btw?”

@Susu: “I will be singing the Spanish word for word soon as it drops”

@timilehin: “Good for Omah lay. ozuna’s got 7x Omah lay’s monthly listeners”

@ADJ: “I thought this would sound bad, buhhhhh nice one. Hope it does better than ku lo sa

remix cause it seems Afrobeats × Latin/reggaeton isn’t there yet”

@Kingsley Udoh: “Ozuna is a big fish and he’ll boast the song but I feel the remix wasn’t necessary, they

could’ve just recorded a new song and allow the original song stay. Well, they know better!!!!”

@leprechaun: “Soso is supposed to be some sort of depression song, Ozuna turned  it to a party jam hopefully

e worth am at the end”

@TONYEPERE: “Omah just achieved both killed two birds with one stone. New audience”

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