Fans React As Davido’s Babymama Anita Hits 1 Million Followers In 5 Days

Fans react as Davido Babymama Anita Hits 1 Million followers

Fans react as Davido’s Babymama Anita Hits 1 Million followers on Instagram in a short period of 5 days


Fans react as Davido’s Babymama Anita Hits 1 Million followers. Nigerians seems not be too happy as Davido’s Babymama Anita bags a whopping 1 Million followers in less than one week. Following her alleg@tions on Davido whom she claims impr3gnated her and asked her to take it out. The American business woman has currently gotten a million followers since then.


The self acclaimed business woman who claimed to be in a relationship with Davido since 2017, decided to make it public. According to her, they’ve both been seeing each other even before Davido for married to Chioma. With videos and chat evidence to back up her claim of dating OBO.


However amidst the backlash she received and currently recieving for using the situation to get back at him. Which she has stated on multiple occasions isn’t the case but claimed to be fig&ht*ng for women who didn’t have a voice.


Meanwhile, since her official post which was made days ago, the business woman has garnered a million followers. Which most Davido’s fans aren’t happy about, due to the attention she’s currently getting. And they’ve taken to social media to express their displeasure.


@lordzeus101: “I no go l!e oo this 1m followers p@in me very well but that’s her dream”

@rhukieee: “Till now no American blog posted her, yet she claimed to be a celebrityb in her country… It’s the Nigerian bloggers who made her, if not we for no even know her”

@ladyque1: “She got over 600k in 3 days, she’s not stopping anytime soon” “If only people can support their friends and families the same way they support celebrities that don’t even know them”

@laprefe_stitches: “This girl just use Davido name shine chai”

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