Fan Challenges Wizkid To Sing For 3 Weeks Nonstop

Fan challenges Wizkid to sing for 3 weeks nonstop

Fan Challenges Wizkid to Break the Guinness Record by singing for 3 Weeks Straight


Fan challenges Wizkid to sing for 3 weeks nonstop. In the season of breaking records and

setting new ones, fans all over the world now either want to break a record. Or wish their

favourite celebrity to set a new record to elevate their bragging rights. And Wizkid is on the hot seat,

as fan challenges Wizkid to sing for 3 weeks nonstop.


Just recently, Hilda Baci a Nigerian proceed to break the record for the longest cooking time

by an individual. She took up a 4 days challenge to cook for 96 hours nonstop, which she later

extended to 100 hours of cooking time. Her effort brought her lots of attention nationwide that

had dignitaries, celebrities and citizens show her massive support.


Now a member of the Wizkid FC is calling on their idol, Wizkid to break his own record by singing for

3 Weeks straight. Although there’s been a debate that Wizkid already has four entries in the Guinness

world record. And having to do it again but this time for singing nonstop for 3 Weeks.


Since no one has done it yet, the zealous fan thinks it’s a good time to take up the challenge. And hopes

Wizkid would give it a shot, so as to end the debate of who the most talented Nigerian artist is.


In his tweet, he wrote, “After Hilda’s own, I need Wizkid to also attempt a Guinness World Record.

We Wizkid FC need him to sing for three weeks straight”.


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Fan challenges Wizkid to sing for 3 weeks nonstop

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