Erigga’s Savage Reply To The Dev!l

Erigga's savage reply to the dev!l

Erigga’s savage reply to the dev!l, the rapper disclosed his funny reply to the dev!l who threatened his peace


Erigga’s savage reply to the dev!l. The controversial street rapper has recently revealed the dream he had where the man with horns whispered obscenities to him. And his reply to him was a shocker to everyone who had to hear it. Knowing Erigga, It’s almost unbelievable


The rapper claimed he got visited by Dev!l who whispered to him that he was coming for him. Which obviously isn’t for good but the singer replied with “Please bring weed”. The singer is one who tweets a lot and shares his opinions on controversial topics. He’s one to speak his mind at all times.


But Erigga’s recent tweet is considered by many as a joke or him cruising. Many people don’t believe that the dev!l actually whispered anything to him. But who knows, this might just be him joking around, or sending an indirect message or possibly might be true.


Regardless of what the fact is, Erigga shows he’s ready for whatever demon or challenges the dev!l have planned for him. He sure isn’t afraid of anything, and if he must he should come along with something to ‘snack on’. The talented rapper has shown his bravery through house rap songs where he freely speaks his truth.


Many have described Erigga’s song as inspirational, uplifting, raw, and fact, although the list goes on. His fans are die-hard and even though he isn’t the rave of the moment as of this time, the singer isn’t giving up on making music.

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