Erigga Declares Ch£ating Is A Stupid Game

Erigga declares cheating as stupid

Erigga declares cheating as stupid, the motivational rapper has this to say about those playing the cheating game in relationship


Erigga declares cheating as stupid. Nigerian Controversial rapper and realist Erigga queries those who enjoy ch£ating on their spouses. The singer has this to say about those who cheat are second nature. Because in today’s society cheating has been normalized.


According to the rapper those who cheat on their partners aren’t reasonable, he describes them as being stup1d. While emphasizing that ch£ating is a rather expensive game to embark on and also a very useless game.


“Ch£ating is EXPENSIVE & a Very useless game but still people enjoy doing it of what value does it add to your life?”


Erigga also enquires why people are so drawn to ch3ating despite the fact that it’s expensive. He also asked what value they derive from it or if there is something they aren’t saying. This is coming due to the high rates of divorce and breakups surrounding relationships.


The current divorce rate is at an all-time high in Nigeria and the whole world at large, which could be blamed on the high rate of cheating among spouses. Most relationships that meet an abrupt end, are due to a cheating partner who feels he or she has the right to cheat.  When asked what’s the reason for lack of loyalty in a relationship, the most recurring answer was lack of trust among partners.


People seem to lack trust and most relationships lack the foundation of love and loyalty. While material and sexual interests have taken over. But Erigga is setting the narrative right by affirming that cheating is a waste of time and resources.

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