Ed Sheeran Collects Gold Chains Which Raises Concern

Ed Sheeran collects chains

Ed Sheeran collects chains, Concerns have been raised about the American singer over his constant collection of gold jewelry


Ed Sheeran collects chains. The talented Singer Ed Sheeran has raised concerns over constantly asking for pieces of jewelry from black American artists. Just recently after Snoop Dogg’s successful concert with Ed Sheeran, he asked for Snoop’s gold pendant which Snoop obliged.


After witnessing the exchange between the duo, a fan raised concerns that something might be off about Ed Sheeran. According to the concerned fan, Edsheraan has been in the habit of collecting chains worth thousands of carats of gold and diamond. Adding to that, The singer shared a recent ordeal with his fans about his wife’s health. And that could be the reason why Ed Sheeran collects gold chains.


Shortly after the concert, Snoop gifted him a Death Row pendant which he placed around Ed Sheeran’s neck. Burna boy has also given the singer one of his chains as well as many other artists. While It’s unsure why the singer is collecting these pieces of jewelry, it’s been speculated that maybe those gifting him are being generous. Or he just really loves chains.


Fans have reacted, saying maybe the singer is suffering and needs the chains to raise money. Another said Edsheraan acts like he grew up in a black neighborhood, due to how he relates with black artists. Opinions kept rolling in a fan said “Lol anyone who has listened to EdSheraan knows how much he loves rap. He even rapped on a few songs on his debut album. I think this is just how rappers show their love back for the awesome collaborations.

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