Drake Won $2.7 Million Dollars On Gambling

Drake won $2.7 million dollars

American rapper Drake won $2.7 million dollars doubling his wealth by betting on Israel Adesanya


Drake won $2.7 million dollars. The American rapper and multiple Grammy awards winner, Drake has defiled all odds by daring to stake almost a million dollars in the fight between Alex Pereira Vs Israel Adesanya. Drake Won a huge sum of $2.7 million after Israel Adesanya emerged as the winner.


The rapper Drake won $ 2.7 million after Israel Adesanya knocked out Alex Pereira at UFC 287 to reclaim the middleweight title. Israel won back the 185lb title five months after he lost it to his bitter rival Pereira. Who has previously beaten him twice in kickboxing.


Meanwhile, Drake lost $ 1.6 million after backing Israel Adesanya to win that fight but it seems he made amends for the rapper in his rematch with Pereira. This time around, Drake placed a $500,000 bet on Adesanya to win which returned $885,000. And a $400,000 bet for him to win by knockout, which returned a massive $ 1.8 million. Also when you add his stake, it gives you a rounded figure of 2.7 Million Dollars.


When ‘Stylebender’ (Adesanya)was asked about Drake’s bet after his fight, to which he replied. “Shoutout to everyone that bet on me but you have to realise that when I step into the octagon I put my life on the line. That’s the biggest parlay you can ever do. I’m a betting man too so shoutout to stake, we are about to make another deal and get more money.”


Drake is known for his love of gambling and it seems to be paying off for him. The rapper seems to enjoy the thrill that comes with the unknown.

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