“I Regret Mentioning My Ex’s In My Song”- Drake

Drake regrets mentioning ex

Drake regrets mentioning ex, the American rapper has disclosed the regrets he has and the one topping the list is about his ex


Drake regrets mentioning his ex. Most rappers generally have been known to either sing about dr@gs, s*X, party, and their exes. The songs about breaking up with exes and making up with an ex you can’t let go of bring traction. The OG’s who have been in the game followed through the same route, the same way the newbies are following through.


With the number of songs out about love, break ups, and getting back with an ex one would wonder. If maybe their current partners aren’t bothered with the lyrics they hear in their songs sometimes. Drake who has a couple of songs on the same topic has opened up by saying he wished he didn’t sing on certain topics. Because as we get older, we realize our mistakes and things we should have done differently. Here in the future, Drake regrets mentioning his ex’s name in his song


According to  Drake, he regrets ever mentioning his ex’s name in one of his songs. Some rappers not only sing about their exes but take it a notch higher by mentioning their names outrightly. The rapper regrets his action and wishes he made better choices. He might have mentioned her name to get back at her for something that happened in the past. But Drake is now realizing that he shouldn’t have done it cos songs live on for a longer time. Especially ones that are meant to diss the other person.

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