Drake Questions His Origin After His Dad’s Result Shows He’s 30% Nigerian

Drake questions his origin

Drake Questions His Origin after new result shows he’s Nigerian


Drake questions his origin following ethnicity results. The American Rapper and superstar Drake, has come to the realization that he isn’t just American. The one dance crooner just confirmed he’s partly Nigerian as revealed in his Dad’s result. Drake who’s biracial has confirmed from his dad’s end that he might be Nigerian after all.


The singer shared his father’s ethnicity result which showed his dad being 30% Nigerian, and 28% per cent Cameron. But being that the Nigerian result is higher makes him more Nigerian than any other ethnicity. The happy rapper took to his social media to share his new discovery.

Drake questions his origin




He also asked if this makes him a Naija boy following his dad’s result. On his Instagram story, after sharing details of the result, he wrote. “THIS IS MY DAD’S RESULT DOES THIS MEAN I’M A NAIJA MAN FINALLY?”


Adding finally to the statement goes to show that the rapper loves the idea of being a Nigerian. He couldn’t wait to share the good news with his fans comprises of people from different ethnicity and races. Nigerians are happy to welcome a new brother into the fold, his love for the culture is evident. As he had collaborated with some Nigerian artists the likes of Wizkid.

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