Drake Denies Lady Who Claims He Threw Her Out

Drake denies lady claims

Drake denies lady claims; the American rapper has replied the lady who claimed she was thrown out for recording him

Drake denies lady claims



















Drake denies lady claims; The American rapper Drake, has been called out by a lady who claimed he flew her

out to have a good time and was later thrown out because she was doing a video.


According to her, she made a video of her purple lingerie which she tagged Drake on not expecting him to see

it but he did and texted her for her number which she gave to him and they talked for a while and he said that

he wanted to see her which she replied to that she also wanted to see him too.


Then he tried to book a flight ticket for her which was on no November 16, but then they started

talking on the13th of November. So when she got to his crib before she could get in, they made her

sign an NDA (none disclosure agreement).


So when she got in they talked and according to her he started rubbing up in her and the rest is self

explanatory but he didn’t use protection, which she found weird but she went with the flow and everything

was good and cuddly until she pullout her phone. As soon as she brings out her phone to start recording he

slapped her phone out if her hands and told her she gotta go.

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Drake has responded to her accusations via his Instagram story, he wrote “Never met, Never spoke, Never flew,

I hope people start doing more with the one life we are given shit is sad out here” 

Drake denies lady claims






































Watch her full video here

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