Don Jazzy Reveals Why He Can’t Be Attracted To Just One Woman

Don Jazzy reveals why he can't be attracted to just one woman

Music mogul Don Jazzy reveals why he can’t be attracted to just one woman


Don Jazzy reveals why he can’t be attracted to just one woman. Mavin CEO and business mogul famously known as Don Jazzy has revealed his relationship preference. Stating that he doesn’t know how to be attracted to only one lady when there are so many beautiful ladies.


The Mavin boss emphatically stated in a recent interview, that if he eventually gets into a relationship. He may not be committed because he hasn’t seen the reason or gotten that thing that makes people stick with one partner. So maybe until he feels the butterflies he would then commit to one lady.


In his words, “Like for someone like me now. I haven’t been able to process the fact that if I like this person and I’m with this person. Everyother person should go to hell. I don’t know how you people get to that point, that the button that make you like people you put it off”


“It’s possible that you like somebody and since ashawo dey my eye, then will now start looking at another person. And if by any means I should be allowed to chase other girls shame should also be applied to me as well. But now in my life I don’t know but maybe when that butterfly hit me that hits you people. That makes you fall in love, maybe them I would now day oh sh*t maybe other people are f**led up, this is the one that I like. But it hasn’t happened to me” he added.

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