Don Jazzy Advises Upcoming Artists

Don Jazzy advises artists

Don Jazzy advises artists, the producer has some words of wisdom for upcoming and coming artists who want to succeed in the industry


The Music mogul, business owner, and Mavin Records boss Don Jazzy has given a word of advice. Especially to those starting out in the music industry. His advice to them is based on the popular belief that most artists made it to the top. Did it as a result of Streaming farms boosting their streaming numbers?


The talented artist and record producer, has given his two cents on the topic. He advised those doing their best to get into the industry to focus on their talents. Despite what they must have heard about streaming numbers, he advised that talent will take you farther than most.


He reiterated that he personally doesn’t believe that there’s a streaming farm somewhere because he hasn’t heard of any. If not everyone would be using it but talent and consistency take one far. Don Jazzy advises artists and here’s what he said.


In his words “Dear upcoming artists, don’t allow all these side talks of there’s a sort of streaming farm somewhere. Make you become lazy, go and create beautiful music and do all you need to do to market your song. Don’t sit down there and assume no, this person is getting here because there’s a streaming farm somewhere. Trust me it’s just going to be affecting you, you will be thinking it’s unattainable and that you can’t get it.


“Ogbeni you are doing yourself a disservice. There’s no Gaddam streaming farm, well I don’t know if people have it but speaking for people like us. That is succeeding and are at the forefront, I’m telling you that there’s no streaming platform. It doesn’t make any sense and if there’s any why am I not buying it for my artists that are not winning”

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