“What You Must Do Before Allowing Your Partner Join You Abroad” Relationship Expert

“What You Must Do Before Allowing Your Partner Join You Abroad" Relationship Expert

An Unidentified relationship coach has this to say to those who are planning on bringing their partners

to join them abroad from Africa.


“What You Must Do Before Allowing Your Partner Join You Abroad" Relationship Expert





















According to him, “whenever you want to bring your partner from Africa to abroad, let that your partner make an oath. A solid

oath that as I’m going to meet my partner in abroad I’m will follow all his or her way, and anything he instructed me to do I will do it”


And then when your partner gets him or herself abroad, look for a lawyer that will fill a form for both parties so that whenever him or

her starts misbehaving or doesn’t want to listen to the one that brought the other abroad.


The person will still have the upper hand to send him or her back to Africa. And also very important that you should translate it for him or

her before signing the documents to avoid any form of misunderstanding later.


The video has sparked different opinions and critic on social media. Most people are of the opinion that no one should rely on the other

to take them abroad to avoid such slave mentality. Others think if he already have doubt about the person he/ she

wants to bring, why go ahead with it.


Still on the matter, some people believe celebrities such as Davido, WizKid, Burna Boy, etc. That travel on a daily don’t seem to

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make traveling abroad a big deal.


And one unidentified person choose to create an impossible criteria for it.


Click to watch the video:


In other news Burna Boy’s track for the sequel of Black Panther:Wakanda Forever ‘Alone’ is out now. The movie soundtrack

features other top Nigerian artists such as Tems, Fireboy, and Ckay, Nigerian artists steady outdoing themselves!!

check out the snippet below


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