Dear Nigerians Fasten Your Seat Belts – Rudeboy Declares

Dear Nigerians fasten your seat belts

In an open statement to citizens, singer Rudeboy wrote, dear Nigerians Fasten your seat belts as we’re about to take off…


Dear Nigerians fasten your seat belts, singer Rudeboy declares. The Nigerian talented artist and one-half of the Psquare duo has an important public service announcement to every Nigerian. According to the singer who was heavily involved in the last presidential election clamouring for the right leadership.


However, in a new post he made via his social media page has called for everyone to get ready for a new era. Which may not be favourable as things have doubled up in prices. According to the star singer, he advised everyone to fasten their seat belts for take off.


In his post, he wrote “Dear Nigerians how market? Una don hear? The cost of living and food don skyrocket. Fasten your seat belt, we about to take off”.


Although he post could be seen in relation to the events of the last Presidential elections. Where despite all plea to change leaders, some people chose to support the ruling party. And the singer who in a way is trying to remind them of the consequences of their choice.


Many have reacted to his post, as some are in support while others aren’t.

@veevogee: “Agbado B@tists are in hibernation mode now. They are not talking anymore. I guess they are busy enjoying their renewed hope”


@jadyne94: “As much as I know change won’t happen overnight. I am hopeful. I sincerely don’t know what will work for Nigeria, cos before everything looks good, the masses will s#ffer”

@rubelsandangels: “Yet they are increasing salaries of senators & governors. Very in$en$itive at this time. Then again, what do I know?”

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