Davido’s Fans Stage Massive Protest Due To His Absence

Davido's Fans' massive protest

Davido’s Fans’ massive protest, the popular fan base known as 30BG belonging to Davido are on the streets protesting


Davido’s Fans’ massive protest. David Adeleke popularly known as Davido has been MIA (Missing in action) for quite some time now. The singer only makes brief occasional appearances here and there and then goes back to not being seen for months. Davido is one singer known for his energetic demeanor and he’s the life of the party.


He took the necessary break from social media and public appearances after the death of his only son with his wife Chef Chi. Little Ifeanyi died as a result of drowning, in the family’s pool, and before they could resuscitate him he died.


Davido who was away for a family function was told and the singer was devastated. It was a hard blow on the Adelekes and since then the singer and his wife have kept a low profile. He has made a couple of appearances, first, it was for his uncle’s governorship inauguration. And the second appearance was during the closing ceremony of the FIFA world cup where he performed live.


His fan base has since then kept him trending once in a while on Twitter to remind him that he’s loved. And dearly missed, and they can’t wait to have him back as he promised after the world cup. Some  30BG have now taken to the streets to Protest, calling on Davido’s return. Hopefully, Davido returns sooner than expected and he’s healed and doing great.

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