Davido Would Have Been Forgotten If Not For Wizkid

Davido would have been forgotten

Davido would have been forgotten, an unverified Twitter user has examined the longevity of both Wizkid and Davido


Davido would have been forgotten if not for Wizkid. Nigerian superstars and singers Wizkid and Davido have been put together on who has more longevity. According to the music critic he stated that without Wizkid, Davido would have been forgotten. He believes that the rivalry between the two most famous Nigerian artists Wizkid and Davido is what is sustaining Davido.


“Davido would have long been forgotten if it wasn’t for the rivalry with Wizkid”.


Following the recurring comparison between the duo, which is fueled mostly by their fans. Who regardless of their massive support for their idol and are also ready to throw punches at whoever belittles or criticizes their fave. The fan wars have been ongoing for years and somehow Davido and Wizkid are both talented in their careers.


Regardless of this fact, their fans only acknowledge the talent of their faves, even when the rival of the opposition camp is obviously talented as well.  Now a music critic has said the rivalry between Wizkid and Davido has been what’s sustaining Davido’s relevance. According to him, Davido wouldn’t be relevant if the rivalry with Wizkid wasn’t there. While claiming that Davido profits more in terms of staying relevant than Wizkid does. Because Wizkid would be relevant with or without the rivalry.


But after Davido’s long break away from the public and social media due to the death of his only son Ifeanyi Adeleke. He said in an interview that Wizkid was calling him every week to check in on him. This goes to show that they’re cool and the fan wars got nothing on them.

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